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Process Servers for Divorce Papers in Wisconsin

Our Servers Take Special Requests into Account to Make Serving Your Divorce Papers Easier

Hand Holding Wedding Ring after being Served Divorce PapersWe understand not all marriages go as planned. Sometimes, you may feel a divorce is necessary, but you do not want to embarrass your soon-to-be-ex or maybe you anticipate problems. Southeast Wisconsin Process is the best choice for serving any divorce. Our servers will take into account any special requests you may have to make sure the papers get delivered. We’ve shown up at baseball games, work, late at night and even at a wedding reception to facilitate serving divorce documents.

Get service or due diligence on your spouse to keep your divorce moving forward.

Like marriages, divorces come in all kinds. From the straightforward to the surprisingly complicated, our servers know exactly what to do. With Southeast Wisconsin Process, you can count on getting the personal attention, flexibility and field experience necessary to avoid having service issues arise later on.

How to Serve Divorce Papers

Even if you never want to see them again, you still need to serve papers on your soon-to-be-ex. Fortunately, you won’t need to serve them yourself. In fact, in Wisconsin, you can’t serve any papers where you are a party to the case, including divorces. Finding somebody to serve your papers for you is a necessary part of the process.

Whatever you do, do not attempt to serve the papers yourself.

How to Serve Divorce Papers Represented by Marriage Certificate Being Cut in HalfThe internet is a wonderful repository of human knowledge and insight. There’s a lot of information available on serving papers. Unfortunately, a lot of it is wrong and may not apply to you. Attempting to serve your divorce papers based on information you find online is a very risky gamble. It is quite likely that the information you read is not applicable to your state and your service may be denied by the judge.

One thing you may not have thought about is what needs to be done after the papers are delivered. If you have a friend hand the papers to your spouse, do you know what you have to do next? There are very important steps you need to take after the papers are served or you will run into huge problems later in the case.

Rather than risk your case and embarrass yourself in front of your not-yet-ex, you should hire a professional process server. They’ve served innumerable divorces and know exactly what needs to be done. You won’t have to do anything more than drop the papers off at our office. We’ll take care of the rest.

The best way to serve your divorce case is letting a professional do it. We might sound biased, but it is the truth.

Where else will you find somebody who knows the rules that apply to your case, knows what needs to be done after the papers are served and has served countless cases just like yours? Add in the fact that our flat rate service fees are very affordable and there’s no reason not to use a professional process server.

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