CT Corporation System Process Server

Got Papers to Serve on CT Corporation? Let Southeast Wisconsin Process Take Care of It!

Every business is required to have a registered agent for receiving legal documents. This specific person or agency accepts everything from government notices to summons and complaints, ensuring the right individual in the organization receives the papers and responds accordingly. CT Corporation is a registered agent for hire, letting businesses designate them to receive documents and forward the papers for follow up.

We serve CT Corporation at low, flat rates with fast turnaround.

Many companies have chosen CT Corporation as their registered agent. As a result, we deliver a lot of legal documents to them. So many, in fact, our servers are actually on a first-name basis with their Madison office’s staff. The benefit to our clients is service accomplished quickly and at very competitive rates.

Make Sure CT Corporation Is the Registered Agent for the Business You Need Served

CT Corporation accepts a massive number of documents on any given day. In order to keep their operation running smoothly, they check to make sure they are the registered agent for the company named in the lawsuit before accepting service. If there is a mistake, CT Corporation will reject service.

To save yourself time and money, be absolutely sure you have the company named properly on the summons and CT Corporation is their registered agent.

If CT Corporation rejects the serve, there is little a process server can do. The papers need to be served on the company named in the lawsuit, but CT Corporation is not their registered agent. Thus, the papers cannot be left with CT Corporation. You will most likely need to amend the papers to name the defendant correctly or let us look for the current registered agent. To find out who the registered agent is for a given corporation, you can always check with the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance or the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions, depending on the kind of corporation being served.

CT Corporation Has Many Offices. We’ll Serve Them All

A huge benefit of working with a nationwide process server like Southeast Wisconsin Process is we can handle any papers you have, even if there are multiple defendants spread across several states. While CT Corporation’s Madison office is the one we serve the most, there’s nothing stopping us from delivering your papers to CT Corporation’s offices in Plantation, FL, Los Angeles, CA or New York, NY. Don’t waste time trying to find a different server to take care of CT Corporation. Put our nationwide network of servers to work for you.

Simplify your caseload by letting Southeast Wisconsin Process serve CT Corporation and all other named defendants, no matter where in the country they are. CT Corporation has offices in all 50 states. To see where their registered agent’s office is in any given state, you can visit their website for a complete list of addresses.

CT Corporation’s Wisconsin office is currently located at 301 S Bedford St, Suite 1, Madison, WI 53703.

Got papers to serve right now? Give us a call for a firm, flat rate quote to serve CT Corporation on a routine or rush basis. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed by our quick service and prompt return of a notarized affidavit.

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