Sawyer County Process Server

As Big as Sawyer County Is, We Serve All of It for One Flat Rate

Sawyer County Highlighted on Wisconsin Process Server's MapThe fifth largest county in Wisconsin by landmass, Sawyer County got its start when New Englanders moved into the state and began logging. Interestingly, the name does not come come the occupation sawyer, but instead from Philetus Sawyer, an early Representative and Senator for the State of Wisconsin (who wasn’t actually from this part of the state). Forestry is still an important part of the county’s economy and the county itself still manages over 100,000 acres of woodland. For as physically large of a county as Sawyer is, its population is on the small side, meaning there’s a lot of driving in store for our process servers.

We’ll attempt service anywhere in Sawyer County for one low rate!

It doesn’t matter if you have something to serve in the county’s only city, Hayward, or a small, out of the way town like Winter, your service fees will be the same. With our full time office staff, we can even coordinate complicated serves like non-earnings garnishments in different parts of the county. The flat rates apply both to pro se individuals and large law firms, there’s no volume limit required to take advantage of our services.

Every municipality is in our service area, including the following villages, city and towns:

  • Bass Lake
  • Couderay
  • Draper
  • Edgewater
  • Exeland
  • Hayward
  • Hunter
  • Lenroot
  • Meadowbrook
  • Meteor
  • Ojibwa
  • Radisson
  • Round Lake
  • Sand Lake
  • Spider Lake
  • Weirgor
  • Winter

A big advantage of working with Southeast Wisconsin Process is our full time office team. Unlike smaller process serving companies, there’s always somebody in the office to answer the phone or respond to email. If you have questions about how your case is progressing or need to relay some information, we’re here for you. It is often a good idea to give us a call before sending your papers to get a firm quote so you know exactly what it will cost to attempt service on your case.

For a free quote on serving papers in Sawyer County, contact Southeast Wisconsin Process.