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City or County, Our Process Servers Are the Best in Waukesha

Map of Wisconsin Highlighting Waukesha CountyLocated between Milwaukee and Madison, Waukesha is one of the largest cities in Wisconsin. Many people and businesses call Waukesha home and our process servers are never short of work in the City of Waukesha and the rest of the county.

We offer free pick up and filing of cases at the Waukesha County Courthouse for local law firms.

We’ll serve everything you have in Waukesha, including:

Our low, flat rate service costs apply equally to addresses downtown and those in more remote parts of Waukesha. When you go with Southeast Wisconsin Process, you can count of excellent service and upfront pricing.

Waukesha County Sheriff Civil Process Division May Not Be the Best Server for You

For some reason, many people think the Sheriff has to serve their papers. This may explain why the Waukesha County Sheriff charges so much for process serving. They know that many people are unaware private process servers exist so they can charge more.

You will most likely save money and get better service by using a professional process server.

To put it in perspective, the Waukesha County Sheriff charges nearly double what Southeast Wisconsin Process charges and only makes three attempts. If you need more attempts, you have to pay them again. We never charge attempt fees and will make at least three attempts, often going five times to the address to attempt service for you.

Not only are our rates lower and we make more attempts, we also accept credit card payment, unlike the Sheriff.

Whether this is the only time you’re going to file a case or if you routinely sue people in Waukesha County, the amount of money you’ll save by switching from the Sheriff’s Civil Process Division is significant.

You don’t even need the Sheriff to serve an eviction. We can serve, post and mail them for you, again, for far less than the Waukesha Sheriff will charge you. The one thing we don’t do in an eviction that the Sheriff does is actually evict the tenant. Other than the actual physical eviction, though, you do not need to use the Sheriff.

Another advantage professional process servers have over the Waukesha Sheriff is jurisdictional reach. The Waukesha Sheriff will not send any deputies outside of Waukesha County. So if the person you are trying to serve moved to Milwaukee County, the Waukesha Sheriff will not go to the new address and attempt service.

Southeast Wisconsin Process does not have limits on where we can attempt service. Assuming the papers you have allow for service in another county (some papers must be served in the county where they were filed), we have no problem attempting to serve the papers in a neighboring county for you.

To find out exactly how much you’ll save by using Southeast Wisconsin Process to serve papers in Waukesha County instead of the Sheriff, give us a call. We’ll happily quote you a service fee for your case.

How to Serve a Divorce in Waukesha County

Divorce in Waukesha Represented by Hand Holding Wedding RingShort answer: Let a professional do it. Seriously, you might think you’re saving money by doing it yourself, but the best way to keep your divorce moving along and avoiding any disturbances is letting a private process server handle it. We serve all kinds of cases and all kinds of people and it takes a lot to shock or surprise us (the guy who answered the door wearing nothing but holding a cat still takes the cake, though).

Even if it’s a “friendly” divorce, we’ve seen soon-to-be-exes suddenly become very emotional.

Not only will you avoid physical conflict, you’ll also dodge some potential legal issues, as well. For example, you cannot serve your own divorce in Waukesha County (even if the internet says otherwise). And if you have a friend do it for you, do either of you know what to do after the paper is served? Or even what actually constitutes service? Or what to do if you can’t get the papers to the other person because they suddenly decided not to play along?

Your case is way too important to skimp on process serving and risk serious repercussions down the road.

How would you like to show up to court and find out the judge ruled that you didn’t properly serve the other party? By having us serve your papers, you can count on an experienced process server effect service according to the state statutes. And the amount of money you’ll spend on our service is negligible compared to the peace of mind of knowing this part of your case is handled by a professional. Call our office for a free quote on serving your divorce papers in Waukesha.

Defendant or Respondent in the Waukesha County Jail? We Can Serve Them!

Waukesha County Jail Represented by Chain Link FenceSometimes, the person you need served is conveniently located in jail. If it’s the Waukesha County Jail, you’re in luck, we’re just down the street will have your papers served soon. Different jails have different policies on who can and cannot serve in them.

For example, there are jails where you cannot serve the inmate personally. Instead, we serve the warden who then serves the inmate. Other jails, like Waukesha’s jail, let us personally serve the inmate. If you need to serve somebody divorce, custody, or other papers and they’re in jail, send us the papers and we’ll take care of it!

Filing an Eviction in Waukesha? Let Us Take Care of Serving It!

We’re not landlords ourselves, but we’re well aware of all the hoops you have to jump through to evict a tenant. Sometimes, it seems like the deck is stacked against landlords and that evictions put an undue burden on you. There are a lot of rules you need to follow or your tenants may be allowed to stay in the unit for even longer. Whatever you do, be sure you follow the rules of civil procedure for evictions and do not try a DIY eviction.

The good news is that if you follow the statues for filing an eviction and give us the paperwork to serve, it’s smooth sailing from there.

Believe it or not, some of our servers like getting eviction cases. It’s one of the few times you know the defendant lives at the address and they have a very high serve rate. Not only that, but with Waukesha County’s post and mail rules, you can count on getting valid service on your tenant for pretty much every eviction case you send us. Enjoy the service stage of your eviction case, it’s the one time that everything is in your favor, especially when you have Southeast Wisconsin Process serving for you.

We’ve Been Serving Waukesha County for over 25 Years and Have Over a Century of Combined Server Experience

There are a lot of process servers in Waukesha willing to take your case. Fact is, most of them are just one guy working out of his house hoping he can make rent this month. Seriously, it’s actually quite easy to start of process serving company in Waukesha and we’ve seen a number of companies appear and vanish pretty much overnight.

Southeast Wisconsin Process has served Waukesha County for over 25 years and has over a century of combined experience on our server bench.

We have a wide range of experienced servers. Our servers are a diverse group: young, old, men, women, one thing they have in common is dedication to their job and skill required to get it done. Not only do our servers in the field know exactly what they’re doing, they’re supported by a full time office staff that knows the statutes. We have the depth of knowledge and experience to handle any case you can send us. Plus, unlike servers who fly solo, we actually answer the phone.

Private Process Servers in Waukesha Are Open to the Public

Kind of like our name, private process server is kind of a misnomer. Private process servers are open to the public just like Southeast Wisconsin Process serves the entire country. The distinction being made is a private process server is a private entity, not a public government office. A public process server would be something like the Waukesha County Sheriff.

Studies have been done that show private process servers actually cost less and serve more papers than Sheriffs do. When you have papers to be served, you should contact a local private process server like Southeast Wisconsin Process to see what the serving fees are and how to get the papers to them.

Justice Personified as Service of Process in Waukesha, WisconsinWe cover all of Waukesha County, including:

  • Big Bend
  • Brookfield
  • Butler
  • Chenequa
  • Delafield
  • Dousman
  • Eagle
  • Elm Grove
  • Hartland
  • Lannon
  • Menomonee Falls
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  • Mukwonago
  • Muskego
  • Nashotah
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  • Sussex
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  • Waukesha
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