Process Service Cost

Competitive, Flat Rates Mean There Are No Surprises, Just Great Prices

Whether we’re serving an eviction in Milwaukee, a garnishment in Waukesha or a multi-state foreclosure in several states at once, Southeast Wisconsin Process charges low, flat rates. There are never attempt fees or mileage for service.

You will know what service will cost before we make our first attempt.

How Much Does Process Service Cost?

We charge based on county of service, so it really depends on where your papers are going. Urban counties like Milwaukee and Waukesha cost less than rural ones like Iron or Bayfield. The reason for this is our servers can attempt dozens of addresses in densely populated areas in the same amount of time as it would take to go to one home out in the country. And when you take into account that many papers take more than one attempt to serve, those rural counties cost our servers a lot in gas and time to cover.

We guarantee our servers will make at least three attempts to serve your papers, including a morning, evening and weekend attempt. This is normally considered enough to establish due diligence. In Milwaukee County, we will make at least five attempts. This is the guaranteed minimum number of attempts; it is not uncommon for our servers to make many more at no additional charge. It is not unheard of for a case to be returned with seven or more attempts.

You Must Contact Us to Get a Quote on Serving Your Papers

To find out the price to serve papers for your case, let us know the street address where service should take place. Some cities sprawl into multiple counties and we need the address to let you know the cost of service. All of our quotes are a flat rate to attempt service on one individual at that one address.

Included in Flat Rate Price:

  • Free Local Pickup from Law Firms (Milwaukee and Waukesha)
  • At least three attempts if time warrants (Five in Milwaukee County)
  • E-mail notification when job is complete
  • Check Job Status via the internet (optional for law firm clients)
  • Notarized Affidavit promptly returned

There are a lot of factors that affect the process serving prices.

Large Stack of Papers for Process Serving from High Volume Law FirmAttempting more than one address for the same defendant may incur additional fees. Let us know where and what the other address is (e.g. workplace, parent’s house, etc.) and we’ll quote it for you. If we don’t attempt the second address, you won’t be charged for it. Please be sure to note which address is the primary address you want us to attempt first.

Need it served right now? Rush service is available throughout Wisconsin and, in most cases, the USA. Be sure to tell us what your court date is or when you need the papers served by. Anything with three days or fewer to serve is considered a rush. If your papers are not technically a rush but you want rush treatment (1st attempt within 24 hours and at least one attempt each day for the next two days), let us know and we’ll take care of it.

Special instructions usually do not incur a separate fee just make sure to call us to explain what you need and we’ll figure out the logistics.

High Volume Discounts Available

Law firms sending out large numbers of cases, regardless of type, are eligible for a discounted rate per paper. Please let us know an average number of cases issued per month and we will work something out for you. Then once a steady volume of papers flow in, your firm may qualify for even better rates!

Regardless of the type of paper or where it’s going, you can count on Southeast Wisconsin Process charging flat rates. Even out of state services are handled at a flat fee. Give us the details of your service and we’ll tell you exactly how much it will cost.

Contact Southeast Wisconsin Process to find out how much process serving costs in Wisconsin.