Dollar Bills Being Recovered in Non Earnings Bank Garnishment Action

Process Servers for Non-Earnings Garnishments

We Serve Complicated Non-Earnings Garnishments, Including Multi-Garnishee Cases

Dollar Bills Representing Money being Garnished from Debtor's Bank AccountMoney judgments that go all the way to non-earnings garnishment proceedings can get very complicated. Sometimes, the debtor has multiple garnishees. In other occasions, the debtor and garnishee can be located in different states.

Southeast Wisconsin Process has the servers and staff to coordinate service of complicated garnishments.

Whether the garnishee is a bank, business or renter, we make sure to serve them first and leave time to effectuate service on the debtor. Non-earnings garnishments can give rise to very unusual situations. Don’t risk losing your money with bad service. Southeast Wisconsin Process routinely serves non-earnings garnishments to the satisfaction of creditors.

Contact Southeast Wisconsin Process to arrange service for a non-earnings garnishment.