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Wisconsin Evictions Process Servers

When It’s Time to Evict a Tenant, Make Sure Service of Process Is Effected Properly

Apartment Building Where Eviction Papers Were ServedEvictions can be high-stress situations. Unlike most other small claims actions, there’s more than money at stake. Your premises are being occupied by somebody who no longer has a right to be there. Fortunately, there are legal ways of forcing them to leave. Just make sure your process server follows the correct procedures for serving an eviction.

Our process servers will effect service according to Wisconsin state statutes.

Just like other cases, the normal way to serve an eviction is by personal service. Evictions are unique, though. They can also be served by posting the documents to the door. This is only done after diligent attempts have been made to deliver the documents in person. If the documents are posted, Southeast Wisconsin Process will mail a copy to the tenant. We will even provide a declaration of mailing in addition to the affidavit of service. Southeast Wisconsin Process serves evictions correctly, sparing you a difficult court appearance.

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