Interesting Article Involving Southeast!

We’re in the news!  An article recently appearing on shows that the Fond du Lac District Attoney’s office has made the decision to farm out some of their civil process service to two private process serving companies including Southeast Wisconsin Process.  The District Attorney’s office cited their decision was fueled by, “cost-savings and improved efficiency.”  The article later discusses the on-going debate over whether government agencies should use public (Sheriff) or private process servers.

When everyone’s budgets are tighter, we expect more and more counties to turn to private process service companies in the future.  A company like ours can save agencies hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year!  But the cost-saving is not the only factor.  Our firm can handle special requests, rush services and tight deadlines.  Our frequent communications and quick response times save clients much time and frustration.

Finally, by using private companies, government agencies also free up valuable Sheriff time.  Sheriffs are a tremendous asset to our communities but counties should consider the high cost to their own budget, tax payers and the effect on public saefty when they are allocated to process serving duties.  Lest we forget that the sheriff’s salary is not the only factor in their overall cost.  Their benefits package must also be factored in when determining their total cost.

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