GEICO Process Servers

Have Papers to Serve on Somebody Who Spent 15 Minutes with a Gecko? Using Southeast Will Save You a Bundle on Service Fees

Lizard Representing GEICO SpokesmanAll the advertising and low cost car insurance in the world can’t stop car accidents from happening. When they do and GEICO is named on the summons, you’ll need to track down their Registered Agent. All companies doing business in Wisconsin are required to have a registered agent to accept legal documents, including summons and complaints.

Fortunately, we serve GEICO all the time and get papers served very fast for a low, flat fee.

In some ways, we’re kind of like GEICO when it comes to process serving. It only takes a few minutes to get a quote on serving the papers. We’ll deliver them promptly and your investment is minimal. While we’ve never met the GEICO gecko, we know their registered agent in Wisconsin pretty well.

Currently, GEICO Casualty Company’s registered agent in Wisconsin is Emile Banks, Jr. an attorney in Milwaukee. His office address, where service will take place, is 1200 N Mayfair Rd, Suite 290, Milwaukee, WI 53226.

If you have legal documents to be served on GEICO, trust Southeast Wisconsin Process to get the job done. Our friendly office staff will let you know the flat rate service fee in advance and answer any questions you may have. Registered agents do change from time to time. It is always a good idea to double check that GEICO has not changed where service of process is to be effectuated. You can either contact the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance to see who the registered agent is or give us a call and ask where papers are being delivered for GEICO.

Contact Southeast Wisconsin Process to find out how little it costs to serve papers on GEICO.