Iron County Process Server

We Serve All of Wisconsin, Even Little Iron County

Process Serving Map with Iron County HighlightedIt’s only kind of a joke to say there’s more iron than people in Iron County. The third least populous county in the State of Wisconsin, Iron County has been steadily shrinking for almost a century. The county is named after the large iron deposits that provided the county’s livelihood for decades, although iron mining stopped in the 1960s. Even with the county’s relatively small geographic size, the population is very spread out, with an average density of less than eight per square mile.

Flat rate process serving companies like Southeast Wisconsin Process make delivering legal documents in Iron County affordable.

Serving papers throughout the county could be prohibitively expensive if your process server charged by the mile. By only charging flat rates, Southeast Wisconsin Process makes budgeting for your caseload easy. Whether we serve it on one attempt or need to try several times, our process serving fee is always the same. Best of all, it doesn’t matter what part of Iron County your papers are going to. It’s the same rate in downtown Hurley as it is in rural Mercer.

We serve everywhere in Iron County, including these cities and towns:

  • Anderson
  • Carey
  • Gurney
  • Hurley
  • Kimball
  • Knight
  • Mercer
  • Montreal
  • Oma
  • Pence
  • Saxon
  • Sherman

We serve all kinds of papers. From divorce and child support to evictions and debt collections, we will serve your case. And don’t think that we only deal with high volume, high power law firms. We’ve always made it a point to offer great service to individuals who only have one paper to serve. You can always count on us to take care of your case. Don’t hesitate to give us a ring and get a free quote on serving your papers.

For a fast, free quote on having papers served in Iron County, contact Southeast Wisconsin Process.