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CSC Corporation Service Company Process Servers

CSC Corp. Named as the Registered Agent on your Summons? We’ll Serve Them Quick and Affordably!

CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service Company Madison Service of Process OfficeRegistered agents fulfill an important legal duty. When businesses are named in lawsuits, somebody needs to accept the papers and forward them on to the right department. For companies doing business in many states or that would rather not accept service at their corporate office, registered agents for hire, like CSC Corporation, are an ideal solution.

CSC Corporation is the entity that needs to get served for a large number of businesses.

Having CSC Corporation as the registered agent makes our lives as process servers a lot easier. It saves us the trouble of running all over the country to deliver legal documents to different businesses and lets us pass the savings on to our clients. We make regular deliveries to CSC Corp’s Madison office. This means you can count on quick service and a surprisingly low service fee.

CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service Is Now CSC Corporation Service Company

CSC Corp was not always known as CSC Corporation Service Company. They used to go by CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service or just CSC Lawyers. If your records or the summons and complaint name CSC Lawyers instead of CSC Corporation Service Company, you may wish to contact them in advance to see if they will accept service under that name.

Always check to make sure CSC Corp is actually the registered agent of the company you are serving before you have us serve them.

Unlike their major competitor, CT Corporation, CSC Corp will almost always accept any papers delivered to them. It’s only later that they will contact you to let you know if you have served the wrong entity. Fortunately, most states publish lists of registered agents online, so you can easily confirm if CSC Corporation is the registered agent you need to serve. In Wisconsin, the Department of Financial Institutions (WI DFI) has helpful tools for finding a registered agent. Similar sites can be found in other states perhaps under the Secretary of State or Commissioner of Insurance websites.

Flat Rates and Quick Turnaround: Southeast Wisconsin Process Is Your Best Choice for Serving CSC

Our process servers are at CSC Corp’s Madison office so often, we know their employees by name. This rapport helps us get our clients’ papers delivered quickly and is a huge benefit if there’s ever a question about the documents or the naming of the registered agent. The ease with which these serves take place lets us get on to the next one, keeping our rates low and our turnaround quick.

CSC Corporation’s Wisconsin office is located at 8040 Excelsior Dr, Suite 400, Madison WI 53717.

Please be aware that CSC Corp just next door to CT Corporation (another registered agent for hire). If your records put CSC in a different location, you should contact Southeast Wisconsin Process to see where we are currently serving papers on CSC Corp. We’ll let you know and save you the headache and cost of attempting service at a known bad address.

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